THEA 011A. First-year Seminar: Carnival Culture: Dance, Music and Drama in Early Modern Europe

(Cross-listed as DANC 002 , MUSI 002 )
Open to all students.As enlightenment ideals gave way to revolutionary impulses, dancers doubled as singers, circus performers shared their stages, and entertainments took place on the fairgrounds and in aristocratic palaces. Performances in these distinctive multi-genre traditions raise a number of questions that are equally relevant for us today: What is the artwork? How can we restate a history that was intended to be fleeting? What is the relationship between "text" and performance? This course explores the hybrid genres of dance, mime, music and drama from the past to analyze their present relevance as "art."
This course fulfills a requirement for Music or Dance majors and minors. Open to all students.
1 credit.
Catalog chapter: Theater  
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