DANC 010. The Fieldwork of Music and Dance

(cross-listed as MUSI 010 )
How does one conduct fieldwork in Music and Dance? How do our disciplines intersect and where do they diverge? In this course we will explore ethnographic field methods and oral histories, including open-ended and semi-structured interviews as well as life-histories.  We will also address political, and ethical debates associated with fieldwork in the related disciplines of Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Performance Studies, Dance Studies, and Gender and Sexuality Studies.  This will entail reading across various fields that incorporate fieldwork in research.  The course objectives will include: a) examining underlying assumptions and biases in qualitative research methods; b) learning immersive techniques such as participant-observation and sensitivity to multiple viewpoints; c) engaging in debates about the politics of representation, self-reflexivity, and insider/outsider perspectives; d) learning to conceptualize a study, integrate theory and method, and describe, analyze and craft a narrative.  This course will be jointly taught by Music and Dance faculty members.
1 credit.

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