SPAN 101. Alejo Carpentier

In this seminar, we will study the work of Cuban master writer Alejo Carpentier, who famously coined and developed the concept of "lo real maravilloso." Carpentier wrote in a myriad of genres using journalism, creative essays, short stories and novels to explore and expose what he considered to be a wondrous and unique sense of history, space, and time in Latin American and the Caribbean. While reading some of his most relevant works such as El reino de este mundo, La música en Cuba, Los pasos perdidos, El siglo de las luces, and El arpa y la sombra, we will explore his exquisite craft of the novelistic discourse and his studies on Afro-Caribbean history and culture, the baroque and neo-baroque styles seen as a historical and post-colonial ethos, and his meditations and experimentations in literary representations of space and time.
2 credits.
Eligible for LALS
Spring 2018. Díaz.
Catalog chapter: Modern Languages and Literatures: Spanish  
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