PSYC 042. Cognitive Behavior Therapy

This course is an introduction to cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Students will learn the theoretical and empirical bases for cognitive and behavioral interventions across the range of clinical disorders in adults. Through classroom role-playing, experiential exercises, and demonstrations, students will get an opportunity to view and practice the techniques presented in both lecture and reading material. Specific CBT elements covered will include Beckian cognitive therapy, exposure therapies, acceptance- and mindfulness-based approaches, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavior therapy, behavioral activation, and others.
This course may not be taken after taking PSYC 138B : Seminar in Clinical Psychology: Anxiety Disorders.
Prerequisite: PSYC 001  and PSYC 038  
Social sciences.
1 credit.
Fall 2020. Siev.
Fall 2021. Siev.
Catalog chapter: Psychology  
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