FREN 113. Re-Contons l'histoire: Post-colonialité et fiction d'écritures françaises

In this seminar, we will examine Caribbean, French and African narratives whose authors re-write/right the histories and History of their societies. By telling and re-telling the many revolts, the resistance (too often obscured by the colonial power) and the importance of some cultural practices, they shed light on the present-day postcolonial situation. Included are fictional texts by A. and I. Césaire, E. Glissant, O. de Gouges, M. Condé, S. Schwartz-Bart, E. Trouillot, D. Maximin, M Kacimi, V. Tadjo, as well as theoretical texts by C.L.R. James, Fanon, Memmi, Glissant, Césaire, and others.
1 credit.
Catalog chapter: Modern Languages and Literatures: French and Francophone Studies  

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