Say what? Syntactic variation in dialects of English
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LING 055. Say what? Syntactic variation in dialects of English

This course is an introduction to the analysis of syntactic and semantic variation across dialects of English. The course will consider both big picture questions about how to model syntactic variation in language, and it will review key concepts in syntactic analysis. We will apply these concepts to data from varieties of English such as African American English, Appalachian English, Canadian English, Belfast English, and Indian English. In addition to reading primary literature on syntactic and semantic variation, students will be encouraged to bring new data to class for discussion and analysis.
Prerequisite: LING 001 or LING 050 or permission of the instructor.
Social sciences.
1 credit.
Fall 2017. Irwin.
Catalog chapter: Linguistics  
Department website: https://www.

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