ASTR 014. Astrophysics: Solar System and Cosmology

This course assumes no prior knowledge of astronomy, but knowledge of some basic physics as well as elementary calculus. It focuses on two major topics of current interest in astrophysics: (1) Solar System and planetary science and (2) cosmology, the large-scale study of the universe, its history and content. 
Prerequisite: MATH 015  and (concurrently) MATH 025, or equivalent, and some prior work in calculus-based physics (which could include high school physics). Interested students who have not met these prerequisites should consult with the instructor. This course should be accessible to some students who have completed ASTR 001 
Natural sciences and engineering.
Evening labs and observing sessions required.
1 credit.
Spring 2019. Jensen.
Spring 2020. Staff.
Spring 2021. Staff.
Catalog chapter: Physics and Astronomy
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