ENVS 045B. River Stories

Cross-listed as ENGL
This course considers the Delaware (and other rivers) from multiple perspectives: as part of a solar-powered hydrological cycle and as water supply to over 15 million people; as a site of commerce and human history; as a marginal, liminal space, where orderly systems start to mutate; as an ecosystem full of life; as source and subject of many forms of writing. The course will begin with extended canoeing experience on local rivers before the start of the semester. In addition to a traditional English paper and a research essay on environmental issues affecting the Delaware River, students will keep field journals and write poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction prose. One or more of these creative pieces will be turned into a digital story; several will be added to a communal memory map of the Delaware.
Catalog chapter: Environmental Studies  
Department website: Environmental Studies

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