Pagans and Christians in the Roman Empire
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ANCH 056. Pagans and Christians in the Roman Empire

This course considers the rise of Christianity and its encounters with the religious and political institutions of the Roman Empire. It examines Christianity in the second and third centuries of the Common Era and its relationship with Judaism, Hellenistic philosophies, state cults, and mystery religions and concentrates on the various pagan responses to Christianity from conversion to persecution. Ancient texts may include Apuleius, Lucian, Marcus Aurelius, Porphyry, Justin, Origen, Lactantius, Tertullian, and the Acts of the Christian Martyrs.
ANCH 044  (The Early Roman Empire) and RELG 004  (New Testament and Early Christianity) provide useful background.
Prerequisite: No Prerequisite exists, though CLAS 044 (Early Roman Empire) and RELG 004. New Testament and Early Christianity  provide useful background.
Social sciences.
Writing course.
1 credit.
Spring 2019. Turpin.
Catalog chapter: Classics  
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