BIOL 131. Animal Communication

This seminar will examine animal communication from a cross-disciplinary perspective with a focus on the physiological basis and evolution of communication systems and an emphasis on understanding the primary literature. Independent projects form the core of the course and these typically involve studies of wild songbirds (Crum) or captive frogs (lab).  Course content emphasizes statistical and quantitative methods.
Prerequisite: Completion of BIOL 001  and BIOL 002 , or their equivalents; completion of at least one of the following:  BIOL 020 BIOL 022 BIOL 030  , BIOL 034 , BIOL 123   or BIOL 124  with lottery preference for students who have completed BIOL 030.
Recommended: A course in statistics (e.g. STAT 011 ).
Natural sciences and engineering.
One required laboratory per week.
2 credits.
Eligible for COGS
Fall 2018. Baugh.
Fall 2019. Baugh.
Catalog chapter: Biology  
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