BLST 015. Introduction to Black Studies

This course introduces students to the breadth and depth of the discipline in the Black Studies Program, using primary sources. It begins with an examination of current debates that define theory, method, and goals in black studies. It also examines the movement from the more object centered Africana studies to subject- and agentic oriented black studies that occurred as a result of civil rights and anti-colonialist movements in the U.S., Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe. The course examines the challenges that were levied against traditional academic disciplines with the rise of anti-racist scholarship. It briefly examines the conversation between American, Caribbean, and African postcolonialists, and it allows students to delve into some of black studies' most current and exciting scholarship, with a focus on the U.S.
1 credit.
Fall 2018. Evans.
Catalog chapter: Black Studies  
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