Physical Chemistry: Energy and Change
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CHEM 055. Physical Chemistry: Energy and Change

A quantitative approach to the role that energy and entropy play in chemical and biochemical systems. Topics include states of matter, the laws of thermodynamics, chemical equilibria, electrochemistry, the thermodynamics of solutions and phases and chemical kinetics/dynamics. Examples will be drawn from both real and ideal systems in chemistry and biochemistry.
Prerequisite: CHEM 010  CHEM 010 HN ; PHYS 003 , PHYS 004  (or PHYS 003L  , PHYS 004L  or PHYS 007 , PHYS 008 ) and MATH 034  (or equivalent).
Natural sciences and engineering.
1 credit.
Spring 2018. Wagner.
Spring 2019. Staff.
Spring 2020. Staff.

Catalog chapter: Chemistry and Biochemistry  
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