Dance Performance Repertory: Modern
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DANC 049A. Dance Performance Repertory: Modern

This course will utilize current ideas in contemporary dance and J-Sette performance as a groundwork for the creation of a new work.  J-Sette is a style of dance and performance emerging from majorette teams at historically Black colleges in the southern US. This style is rigorously percussive and densely sensual in its movement.  The course will be performance-centered, and will interrogate practices that occur in a variety of settings - from the proscenium stage to the after-hours niteclub, from the “in front of your mirror when no one is looking” persona to the pop star stadium highly-staged persona, from the quotidian to the ecstatic. J-Sette’s call-and-response choreographic structure will allow us to explore unity, interpretation, appropriation, dissent, and disruption.  As raw material, we will also call upon the movement information we have each been respectively accumulating throughout our lives.  This course is ideal for any students with interest in exploring performance, and especially those interested in Black aesthetics embodiments.
A technique class should be taken concurrently, and Modern III is highly recommended.

Graded CR/NC.
0.5 credit or P.E.
Fall 2017. Poe.
Fall 2018. Staff.
Fall 2019. Staff.
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