Dance Technique: Modern II
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DANC 050. Dance Technique: Modern II

TENSION CONTINUUMS: This course is designed to refine skills and performance sensibilities in the area of Modern and Contemporary Dance techniques, specifically as they relate to tension, meta-tension, and sequentiality.  Movement will be sourced from an array of USAmerican post-modern and social dance sources (i.e. release techniques, Cunningham, dancehall, etc.), as well as European contemporary dance sources (i.e. Countertechnique, Axis Syllabus, Flying Low). Our work will be in the service of defining techniques and values to equip our physical, mental, and emotional bodies with skills to be readily mobile, present, attentive and communicative.  We will explore our bodies in dynamic alignment, moving toward an understanding of the infinities that exist inside and outside of our physical bodies.  Ideally, the course will be a useful tool to ignite growth in students as learners, dancers, and performers.  This class will also incorporate warm-up choreographies designed by dancer and anatomist Irene Dowd.
Graded CR/NC.
Prerequisite: DANC 040  or instructors permission.
0.5 credit or P.E.
Fall 2017. Poe.
Spring 2018. Poe.
Fall 2018. Staff.
Spring 2019. Staff.
Fall 2019. Staff.
Spring 2020. Staff.

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