The Rise of the Novel
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ENGL 035. The Rise of the Novel

The long history of the novel, stretching from its eighteenth-century origins to its Victorian and Modernist incarnations through its post-colonial and post-modernist reconfigurations. Includes close attention to landmark canonical novels and authors (like Defoe, Richardson, Burney, Austen, Dickens, Gaskell, James, Joyce, Naipaul), a survey of the main critical and theoretical approaches to the novel, investigation of printing and publication history, and introductory text-mining techniques. 
For majors and minors, this course can count either as an 18th/19th or 20th/21st century course.

GATEWAY English Literature.
1 credit.
Eligible for GSST, INTP
Fall 2017. Buurma.
Fall 2018. Buurma.
Fall 2019. Buurma.
Catalog chapter: English Literature  
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