Electrical Circuit Analysis I
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ENGR 011A. Electrical Circuit Analysis I

Students will learn to analyze electrical circuits containing resistors, op amps, and diodes in order to determine unknown voltages and currents. Simple network theorems will be used to develop equations to model electrical networks containing multiple elements.
The course includes a laboratory.
Corequisite: MATH 025 /MATH 026  or its equivalent, or permission of the instructor.
If both ENGR 011A and ENGR 011B are taken, students can request NSEP credit.
0.5 credit.
Fall 2017. Molter, Piovoso.
Fall 2018. Molter, Piovoso.
Fall 2019. Molter.
Catalog chapter: Engineering  
Department website: http://www.swarthmore.edu/engineering

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