Intensive First Year French Language
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FREN 002. Intensive First Year French Language

Students who start in the FREN 001-002 sequence must complete 002 to receive credit for 001.
This course sequence is intended for students who begin French in college. Designed to impart an active command of the language, this course is taught in French and combines the study of grammar with intensive oral practice, listening, writing, and reading. Introduction to literary and expository prose, films, and other authentic cultural media are used to enhance students’ language acquisition skills as well as to develop an understanding of the French-speaking world.  FREN 001   is offered in the fall semester only. FREN 002 is offered in the spring semester only.
1.5 credits.
Spring 2018. Courgey (MWF). Cherel (TR).
Spring 2019. Blanchard. Cherel.
Catalog chapter: Modern Languages and Literatures: French and Francophone Studies  
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