Cities of (Im)migrants: Buenos Aires, Lima, Miami, and New York
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HIST 065. Cities of (Im)migrants: Buenos Aires, Lima, Miami, and New York

Why do people move? Who participates in the migration process? Do people migrate alone or as part of complex networks? How do local political, cultural, and economic conditions as well as broader global capitalist forces shape individual/family decisions to migrate? What forces mold (im)migrants’ adjustments to the new cities? When do (im)migrant groups become communities? How do (im)migrants maintain and feed, if at all, a link to their areas of origin? This course explores the adjustment of European immigrants in Buenos Aires, internal migrants in Lima, and Latinos in Miami and New York and their roles in the making of modern metropolis.  
Social sciences.
Writing course.
1 credit.
Eligible for LALS
Fall 2018. Armus.
Catalog chapter: History  
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