MATH 003. Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

Students will explore the world of mathematical ideas by sampling logic, number theory, geometry, infinity, topology, probability, and fractals, while we emphasize the thinking and problem-solving skills these ideas stimulate. Class meetings will involve presentation of new material; group work on problems and puzzles; and lively, maybe even passionate discussions about mathematics. This course is intended for students with little background in mathematics or those who may have struggled with math in the past. It is not open to students who already have received credit on their Swarthmore transcripts for mathematics, Advanced Placement credit included, or who concurrently are taking another mathematics course, or who have placed out of any Swarthmore mathematics course.  (See "Placement Procedure " earlier.) Students planning to go on to calculus should consult with the instructor. This course does not count toward a major in mathematics.
Natural sciences and engineering.
Writing course.
1 credit.
Spring 2019. Bergstrand
Spring 2020. Staff.
Catalog chapter: Mathematics and Statistics  
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