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PHIL 052. Bioethics

Advances in medicine and biological research have no doubt contributed both to the body of human knowledge and to the advances of modern life. But these great strides are accompanied by serious ethical questions and those questions are the topic of this course. We will approach issues in bioethics from two perspectives. First, we will grapple with the ethical issues themselves, such as the use of human subjects in experimentation, physician-assisted suicide, and the rights of reproduction (among many others). Second, we will examine these issues at the level of policy: what can doctors, patients, researchers, and lawmakers actually do about any of these issues and how do we go about making those hard choices?
Prerequisite: First- and second-year students must complete one introductory level PHIL course before enrolling in this course.
1 credit.
Fall 2017. Thomason.
Catalog chapter: Philosophy  
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