POLS 104. The State of American Democracy

Is American democracy working well or badly - and how would we know besides what we learn from the buzzing punditry we encounter every day?  The premise of the seminar is that political scientists know the answers to these questions.  An intensive survey of the best political science literature on national institutions, democratic processes, policy evolution and feedback, citizens' attitudes and their attention to and knowledge of politics, political parties, social movements, and interest groups, the behavior of voters and politicians, the "state," the financialized political economy that generates macroeconomic instability, federalism, and, not least, racial and income inequality's political origins  Previous background in American politics and history is essential. 
Prerequisite: POLS 002  or an intermediate American politics course.
Social sciences.
2 credits.
Spring 2019. Valelly.
Spring 2020. Valelly.
Catalog chapter: Political Science  
Department website: http://www.swarthmore.edu/political-science

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