RELG 024. From Vodun to Voodoo: African Religions in the Old and New Worlds

Is there a kindred spirituality expressed within the ceremonies, beliefs, music and movement of African religions? This course explores the dynamics of African religions throughout the diaspora and the Atlantic world. Using text, art, film, and music, we will look at the interaction of society and religion in the black world, beginning with traditional religions in west and central Africa, examining the impact of slavery and migration, and the dispersal of African religions throughout the Western Hemisphere. The course will focus on the varieties of religious experiences in Africa and their transformations in the Caribbean, Brazil and North America in the religions of Candomblé, Santeria, Conjure, and other New World traditions. At the end of the term, in consultation with the professor, students will create a web-based project in lieu of a final paper.
1 credit.
Eligible for BLST
Fall 2018. Chireau.
Fall 2019. Chireau.
Catalog chapter: Religion  
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