Intensive Advanced Spanish
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SPAN 004. Intensive Advanced Spanish

This course is designed for students who have already learned the basic aspects of Spanish grammar. Through careful attention given to literary texts, films, and cultural media, the students develop further their writing and oral skills in Spanish. The course focuses on providing myriad opportunities for students to integrate an advanced understanding of grammar with communication-oriented activities, therefore allowing for the expression of advanced concepts and ideas in speech and writing that will enable students to take introductory writing courses in literature and culture.
Note: Students who receive a final grade of “B-” or below in SPAN 004 need to take SPAN 008  as their next course. Students who receive a final grad of “B” or higher in SPAN 004 may continue to any of the introductory literature/culture courses (010, 011, 022, 023). Students should consult with their instructor, which one of these courses might be more beneficial to them.
Prerequisite: SPAN 003 or the equivalent
1.5 credits.
Fall 2017. Colón Rodríguez, Vargas.
Spring 2018. Navas Masip, Vargas.
Fall 2018. Staff, Vargas.
Spring 2019. Staff, Vargas.
Catalog chapter: Modern Languages and Literatures: Spanish  
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