SPAN 023. Introducción a la literatura latinoamericana

This introduction to the study of Latin American literature and related visual documentation will place special emphasis on the changing relationships between aesthetics and politics. We will analyze different genres and artistic styles that emerge within the sociocultural sphere in moments of political crisis, such as the independence from Spain, the Mexican and Cuban revolutions, the dictatorships of the Southern Cone, migration, and other contemporary social processes. Within this framework, we will discuss the work of major writers (Borges, García Márquez, Fuentes, Neruda) as well as emerging writers. Since we will also be mapping the representation of race, class, and gender, close attention will be given to selected works in literary theory, gender and queer theory, and cultural studies.
Prerequisite: SPAN 004  or the equivalent or permission of the instructor.
Writing course.
1 credit.
Eligible for LALS, GLBL-Paired, ESCH
Spring 2020. Martínez.
Fall 2020. Martínez.
Fall 2021. Martínez.
Catalog chapter: Spanish   
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