Sculpture I
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ARTT 050. Sculpture I

This course is an introduction to 3-D design, through the study of the basic elements, techniques, materials and history of sculpture. We cover both additive and reductive processes. Working primarily with non-powered hand tools, materials will include clay, wire, cardboard, wood, paper, Plaster Craft, Cellu Clay, and the use of found objects There is an emphasis on the development of form and structure particular to each material and process, in regards to the concepts of space, form, volume, weight, mass and design in sculpture. The teaching method includes slide lectures, demonstrations of techniques and individual guidance on studio projects. 
Prerequisite: ARTT 001  or ARTT 002  
1 credit.
Fall 2017. Meunier.
Fall 2018. Meunier.
Catalog chapter: Art  
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