THEA 121. Dramaturgy Seminar

How does a "monstre sacré" like Phaedra or Don Juan repeat across the centuries? What does Joe Orton owe to Wycherley and Ralph Roister Doister? In this cross-temporal comparative study of the post-classical western dramatic canon, emphasis will be placed equally on works from famous "periods" (Spanish Golden Age, Restoration comedy, French Classicism, Sturm und Drang, etc.) and on examples of forgotten or usurped genres-e.g., masque, melodrama, ballad opera, le parade, tragicomedy, Grand Guignol. Readings will also include critical texts by Castelvetro, Jonson, Boileau, Rousseau, Diderot, Dryden, Lessing, Schiller, Hegel, Hugo, Kierkegaard, Strindberg, Shaw, Nietzsche, and others.
Fulfills a general requirement for all theater majors and minors.
Prerequisite: THEA 021A   or by permission of instructor.
Writing course.
2 credits.
Spring 2019. Magruder.
Catalog chapter: Theater  
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