Senior Neuroscience Thesis
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PSYC 099. Senior Neuroscience Thesis

As one means of fulfilling the neuroscience thesis requirement in the Psychology Department (alternatives include a Research Practicum or a full-year 2-credit thesis project), a student may write a report, regarding research conducted in neuroscience, with a psychology faculty advisor. Enrollment is usually during the fall semester of the senior year. In addition to submitting a substantial paper, students participate in a poster conference at the end of the semester. One-half credit or one credit with a letter grade is awarded for all components of the project.
A Psychology Faculty Member must agree to supervise a student before he or she may enroll in PSYC 099.

This course may not be taken as pass/fail. 
Prerequisite: PSYC 001 ; PSYC 025 : Research Design and Analysis, and permission of the faculty adviser.
Social sciences.
0.5 - 1 credit.
Fall 2017. Staff.
Spring 2018. Staff.
Fall 2018. Staff.
Spring 2019. Staff.
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