FREN 013. L'Atelier: French Oral Production Workshop

"L'Atelier" is a mandatory recorded speaking practice workshop attachment to all elementary French-language courses (French 13.001, 13.002, 13.003) that takes place once every two weeks. Several 60-minute sessions - all held in Kohlberg's Language & Media Center - will be offered to maximize student participation. It is designed with a dual purpose of reinforcing grammatical structures and thematic vocabulary being studied in the main course and with a view to long-term benefits in terms of enhanced fluency, pronunciation and intonation practice, phonetic accuracy, and general speaking skills. These include increased confidence and autonomy in spoken communication, both in the form of one-way speaking and two-way interaction since many activities simulate real-life dialogues. After being provided with a different online worksheet each time, students will record themselves when ready and submit their recordings electronically. Each student's audio file will then be graded, and feedback will be provided for content, grammar, and phonetic review.
0 credit.
Fall 2018. Courgey.
Spring 2019. Courgey.
Fall 2019. Courgey.
Spring 2020. Courgey.
Fall 2020. Courgey.
Spring 2021. Courgey.
Catalog chapter: Modern Languages and Literatures: French and Francophone Studies  
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