ENVS 005. Changemakers

This course asks, "What are the human and ecological systems that support and shape our lives at Swarthmore? What design ethics, principles, and strategies can we apply to those systems in order to help the College as an institution learn to change, leading in the direction of a more just, resilient, and abundant society?"
In pursuing these questions, we will learn by doing: closely observing systems that tend to be invisible to us, enacting situations we might want to redesign, developing rough prototypes to test design concepts, and so on. Student learning journals from the first half of the semester will become the basis for a "User's Guide" to Swarthmore. In the second half of the semester, students will identify College and/or community clients (community partners, students, staff, faculty, or administration) for whom and with whom they will design a proposal for sustainable change at Swarthmore. Students are encouraged but not required to work with other students on these proposals as well. Learning journals from the second half of the semester will form the basis for a "Changemaker's Guide" to Swarthmore.
Writing Course.
1 credit.
Catalog chapter: Environmental Studies  
Department website: http://www.swarthmore.edu/environmental-studies

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