Be the Change: Social Entrepreneurship in Principle and Practice
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PEAC 049. Be the Change: Social Entrepreneurship in Principle and Practice

Amidst market implosions, human conflict, environmental crises, and on-going demise of the welfare state, the need for new, durable organizational forms, committed to social change, is clear. Social entrepreneurship offers a unique model for creative conflict transformation and community problem solving. Using business practices, social enterprises seek to redress social and environmental concerns while generating revenue. Students will learn about the manifestation of social entrepreneurship principles and practice in non-profit, for-profit, and hybrid organizations. Then students will draft plans for their own social enterprise, thereby garnering a deeper understanding of social enterprise as organizational forms, while also embarking on a journey to explore their own potential as social entrepreneurs.  Class limited to 15 students.
1 credit.
Spring 2018. Crossan.
Spring 2019. Crossan.
Spring 2020. Crossan.

Catalog chapter: Peace and Conflict Studies  
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