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    Mar 25, 2019  
College Bulletin - Course Catalog

ENGR 015B. Design of Digital and Embedded Systems

This hands-on course focuses on the use of computer hardware in the physical world, including topics such as analog and digital I/O, sensors, actuators, and design of embedded systems. Students will gain experience in programming and debugging microcontrollers using a compiled language such as C or C++.
The course includes a laboratory. This class may be taken before or after ENGR 015A .
If both ENGR 015A and ENGR 015B are taken, students can request NSEP credit.
0.5 credit.
Eligible for DGHU
Fall 2018. Delano, Zucker.
Fall 2019. Delano, Cheever.
Fall 2020. Delano, Cheever.
Catalog chapter: Engineering  
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