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    Sep 23, 2018  
College Bulletin - Course Catalog

RELG 043. In Quest of God: The Latin American Religious Arena

(Cross-listed as LALS 025 )
This course explores distinct historical, sociocultural contexts, political and economic processes in which historical varieties of Catholicism have emerged in Latin America. Understanding religion as generative, this course will examine the foundations, theological themes, and processes of pre-Hispanic indigenous practices, and Spanish Colonial Catholicism, the public role of the Catholic Church in struggles for justice and human rights in the 1960 to-1990 period expressed by Liberation Theology, the recent growth of Protestantism with a focus on Pentecostalism, the "end of revolutionary utopias," the contemporary praxis of Catholicism, the public emergence of native spiritualities, and diaspora religions of the Caribbean, Brazil and Latinos in the United States.
1 credit.
Eligible for LALS
Catalog chapter: Religion  
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