PEAC 043. Gender, Sexuality, and Social Change

(Cross-listed as ANTH 044 )
How has gender emerged as an analytical category? How has sexuality emerged as an analytical category? What role did discourses surrounding gender and sexuality play in the context of Western colonialism in the Global South historically as well as in the context of Western imperialism in the Global South today? How are gender and sexuality-based liberation understood differently around the world? What global social movements have surfaced to codify rights for women and LGBTQ populations? How has the global human rights apparatus shaped the experiences of women and queer communities? What is the relationship between gender and masculinity? What are the promises and limits of homonationalism and pinkwashing as theoretical frameworks in our understanding of LGBT rights discourses? When considering the relationship between faith and homosexuality, how are religious actors queering theology? How do we define social change with such attention to gender and sexuality?  
Social sciences.
Writing course.
1 credit.
Eligible for PEAC, GSST, INTP, GLBL- Core, ESCH
Spring 2024. Atshan
Spring 2025. Atshan
Catalog chapter: Peace and Conflict Studies  
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