ENGR 017. Introduction to Engineering Design

This project-based course will orient students to the field of Engineering as a human-centered discipline and provide formal study of the Engineering design process. Students will work in teams to complete two major design projects, gaining experience with prototyping and iteration, basic CAD and digital fabrication, and combining microcontrollers with simple circuits. Engineering ethics and social impacts of technology will be integrated throughout the course. 

All students considering the Engineering major are expected to take this course in their first semester. No prior engineering experience is required or expected. This course is available only to first-year students.
Natural sciences and engineering practicum.
This course includes a laboratory.
1 credit.
Eligible for DGHU
Fall 2023. Delano, Zucker
Fall 2024. Zucker/Everbach.
Fall 2025. Everbach, Delano
Catalog chapter: Engineering
Department website: https://www.swarthmore.edu/engineering

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