MUSI 040C. Elements of Musicianship III

The Elements of Musicianship courses explore music making from a variety of perspectives and across many styles and genres of (mostly) Western music. Among the skills developed are: sight-singing melodies and arpeggiated harmonic progressions; singing and playing the piano simultaneously; part singing in choral works; taking musical dictation; transcription of recorded music; basic conducting; beginning keyboard harmony; and transposition.
The third semester, Music 40C, introduces atonal melodies using seconds, thirds, fourths, and fifths and continues to explore closely related modulation and chromatic tonicization; sequences; advanced triplets and irregular meters; advanced transposition; the "church" modes; the whole tone scale; and the octatonic scale.
Required for all MUSI 013 students, with or without 0.5 credit. The instructor will place students at appropriate levels. 
0.0 or 0.5 credit.
Fall 2020. Hauze.
Fall 2021. Hauze.

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