EDUC 048. From the Undercommons: Ethnic Studies and Education

What is ethnic studies? How can ethnic studies be part of efforts to transform educational and social conditions today from the position of the undercommons? This course is an examination of the origins, theories, pedagogies, politics, and policies that have come to define ethnic studies in US education. What key historical events and struggles in U.S. society and education have contributed to ethnic studies as an"undiscipline," and as curriculum? Colonialism, race, ethnicity, nationalism, diversity, inclusion, segregation, community control, resistance and survivance, are among the potential topics to be examined in relation to ethnic studies pedagogies, policies, and social movements in formal (N-Higher Ed) and informal (afterschools, CBOs, museums, social movements, etc) settings. Coupled to this inquiry will be a weekly field assignment where students will be collaborating with educators (N-Higher Ed) in crafting or further developing curricular projects that apply an ethnic studies lens.
Social science.
1 credit.
Eligible for LALS, BLST, ASAM
Spring 2023. Mayorga.
Catalog chapter: Educational Studies  
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