PSYC 028. Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination

Humans are social creatures; interpersonal relationships and group membership are critical to our survival and well-being. The formation of groups, however, can give rise to ingroup favoritism, stereotyping, and discrimination against outgroup members. This course will examine social psychological theory and research on the causes and consequences of stereotypes, prejudice & discrimination, emphasizing sociocultural, cognitive, personality, neuroscience and motivational perspectives. We will study the development and causes of stereotypes and prejudice, and reasons for their persistence and prevalence. We will consider both the effects that stereotypes and prejudice have on people's perceptions of and behaviors toward particular groups or group members, as well as their effects on members of stereotyped groups. Finally, we will explore the implications of research findings on stereotypes, prejudice & discrimination for education, business and government policies; and will discuss possible techniques for reducing prejudice and discrimination. 
Prerequisite: PSYC 001  
Social Sciences.
1 credit.
Fall 2021. Norris.
Catalog chapter: Psychology  
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