ENVS 063. Conservation Biology

(Cross-listed as BIOL 037 )
This course provides an overview of the foundational concepts and future horizons of biodiversity conservation in the era of global climate change. Class materials and discussions illustrate central issues in contemporary conservation with case studies from around the globe. Using an active learning approach the class will include: 1) critical reading of primary literature, 2) field trips inside and outside campus, 3) hands-on experience in the field and laboratory on how to conduct conservation research, and 4) applying quantitative methods and R programming to real data. Previous experience in those areas is not required, but students should be motivated
to learn new skills.

Because conservation involves every member of society, readings will include content produced by science communication outlets, policymakers, news outlets and personal stories. The class will explore and discuss the role that diversity, equity and inclusion plays on conservation efforts, and we will hear from invited speakers from indigenous communities working on conservation projects.
**Multiple accessible all-day field trips will be offered outside the class schedule. These will mostly take place during the weekends. Attending ONE of those field trips will be required as part of the final grade. Attending more than one is encouraged but optional.**
Prerequisite: BIOL 001  and BIOL 002  or permission of the instructor.
For Haverford College: BIOL H200 and BIOL H201 or permission of the instructor.
For Bryn Mawr College: BIOL B110 and BIOL B111 or permission of the instructor.
Natural sciences and engineering practicum.
One laboratory period or field trip per week.
1 credit.
Eligible for ENVS, GLBL-Core
Fall 2022. Caviedes-Solis.
Fall 2023. Caviedes-Solis.
Fall 2024. Caviedes-Solis.
Catalog chapter: Environmental Studies  
Department website: Environmental Studies

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