BIOL 027. Systems Biology

Can we describe complex biological networks (e.g. transcription regulation, signal transduction, neuronal networks) in terms of basic building block circuits? Are there simple rules that allow us to understand fundamental biological processes such as cell-environment interactions, embryonic development, organismal patterning, and neuronal control of behavior?  Systems Biology is an innovative, cross-disciplinary approach that will train students in the basic skills to tackle these fundamental biological questions and predict the dynamics of complex biological systems. This will be achieved through hands-on training in biological, computational, and quantitative methods, and through reading of primary literature. In the laboratory, students will work with diverse biological systems, including bacteria, eukaryotic cells, Hydra, and planarians, and design and execute independent research projects. The laboratory component has 2 tracks: Track A is aimed at students with prior programming experience and Track B is aimed at students with no prior experience.
Prerequisite: BIOL 001, Stat 11, Math 15, or permission of instructor. 
Natural sciences and engineering practicum.
1 credit.
Spring 2023. Collins.
Spring 2024. Collins.
Catalog chapter: Biology  
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