MUSI 003A. Introduction to Music Technology

An exploration of introductory concepts in music technology including audio production, MIDI sequencing, sampling, synthesis, and other pertinent topics through creative projects using Logic Pro X software.  Creative projects will include short "etudes" which focus on specific tasks meant to cultivate the above skills, along with more open-ended final and midterm projects, which will be inclusive of all musical styles and focus on each student's individual compositional voice.   Other activities will consist of group discussion, student presentations of their work in class, and the study of repertoire in many musical genres including but not limited to musique concrète, acousmatic music, drone, noise, electronic dance music, hip-hop, Plunderphonics, electroacoustic improvisation, and vaporwave.  This course is open to every student without prerequisite, regardless of their previous experience with music or technology.
1 credit.
Spring 2020. Collins.
Spring 2021. Collins.
Spring 2022. Collins.
Catalog chapter: Music and Dance: Music  
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