GMST 100. Topics in German Studies III

The GMST senior seminar focuses on interdisciplinary research done within German Studies and between German Studies and its adjacent disciplines (e.g. Art, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Film and Media Studies, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science and Sociology). Since all work is done in German, GMST 90: Topics in GMST II or an equivalent course taken abroad is a requirement for the seminar. Topics change annually. Past topics have included: The Age of Goethe, German Romanticism, Wien und Berlin 1900, Uncomfortable Classics, German Media Culture.

Spring '22 Topic: Uncomfortable Classics - from Goethe to Grass

When reading texts long established in literary canons, whether national or "World Literature," the inherent conservativism of the selections often occludes their revolutionary socio-historical and aesthetic nature. In the context of their problematic content and reception, we will read texts from the late 18th century to the present. Authors include Goethe, Büchner, Hauptmann, Wedekind, Brecht, Grass, Keun, Özdamar.

2 credits.
Eligible for CPLT
Spring 2022. Werlen.
Catalog chapter: Modern Languages and Literatures: German Studies  
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