EDUC 152. Researching Immigration and Education

In this collaborative research seminar, students will study intersections between immigration and education policy and practice in the United States, with a focus on methodology. By exploring key topics, theoretical frameworks, and research methodologies that have shaped this field, students will develop an understanding of how immigration policies impact the everyday experiences and future prospects of immigrant youth at different ages and educational stages in the United States, from childhood through higher ed. All students in the seminar will join an ongoing research project related to immigration and education, thereby learning key skills in qualitative and mixed-method data collection, analysis, and communication, including special considerations in conducting research with immigrant youth and families in the U.S. and transnationally.
Prerequisite: EDUC 014   or EDUC 014F  Pedagogy and Power: Introduction to Education.

Recommended: One or more courses related to immigration (e.g. EDUC 053  or other courses) as well as an introductory research methods course in the social sciences (e.g. EDUC 065 ). Students without this background should reach out to the professor ahead of enrolling.
Social Sciences.
1 or 2 credits.
Eligible for GLBL-paired, LALS.
Fall 2023. Allard.

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