SPAN 057. Performing Latinidad: Latinx Theater, Film, and Performance Art

(Cross-listed as THEA 007 LITR 057S  and LALS 057 )
This course will introduce students to Latinx performance in the U.S., from the mid- 20th century to today. Students will study different modes of performances such as theater, film, the work of performance artists and everyday performances (such as political events) through various Latinx lenses. Following a critical performative pedagogy, the class will combine seminar-style discussions with performance workshops. Topics covered will include the representation and embodiment of gender and race, acts of decolonization, memory construction and diasporic experiences, citizenship and community building, and the politics of latinidad. By analyzing these and other relevant issues through discussions and performance exercises, we will be able to survey the state of contemporary Latinx performance in the U.S. while gaining a better understanding of the connection between performance theory and practice, and the relevance of performance in everyday aesthetics and life.
This course is taught in English. 
Prerequisite: No prerequisites required.
1 credit.
Eligible for LALS
Spring 2020. Díaz, Torra.
Fall 2021. Díaz, Torra.
Catalog chapter: Spanish   
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