ENGR 052. Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Procedural Design

Topics include computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and digital fabrication technologies such as computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining and laser cutting. The course will provide a grounding in basic computational geometry relevant to CAM and CNC, focusing on the connections between tool paths, cutting tool types, and the shapes of the parts to be fabricated. Other areas of study include the effects of tool shape (e.g. rake angle), number of cutting surfaces, and feeds & speeds on machining quality and surface finish. Students will write programs implementing generative design techniques to directly emit sculptures and models in industry-standard file formats such as SVG, STL, and G-code that can be fabricated on equipment at Swarthmore.
Prerequisite: Either ENGR 015  or ENGR 019 , or permission of the instructor. MATH 027  or MATH 028  is recommended.
Natural sciences and engineering practicum.
Lab required.
1 credit.
Fall 2022. Zucker.
Catalog chapter: Engineering  
Department website: https://www.swarthmore.edu/engineering

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