ENGR 053. Inclusive Engineering Design

Technology created by humans reflects our biases and priorities. Engineering a better world requires an interrogation of how we design. This course will combine critical works in technology studies with hands-on, student directed design projects. The course will be divided into three modules that will investigate the relationship between design and bodies, identities, and society. Readings will draw from fields such as disability studies and science and technology studies. Students will apply design methods such as universal design, human centered design, and critical design. This course is open to both Engineering students and non-majors with some previous design experience, such as Computer Science or Art majors.
Prerequisite: Any course involving design of physical objects or software, for example: ENGR 015 , ENGR 006 CPSC 071 , ARTT 050 , THEA 004A THEA 004B , THEA 004C , or permission of the instructor.
Natural Sciences and engineering practicum.
1.0 credit
Fall 2022. Delano.
Fall 2023. Delano.
Fall 2024. Staff.
Catalog chapter: Engineering  
Department website: https://www.swarthmore.edu/engineering

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