PSYC 004. First Year Seminar: Psychology in Schools

Schools are excellent settings in which to understand human thinking and behavior. Educational psychology, or the study of human teaching and learning, provides a great applied introduction to psychological concepts. This area of psychology also draws upon different areas of the discipline, including cognitive and developmental psychology.

In this seminar, we will consider and explore psychology in school settings. To do so, we will rely primarily on academic texts, in addition to essays, film, and personal narratives to support our learning and exploration. In many ways, we will build on our own schooling experiences (what has worked and what hasn't) to think globally about school learning, teaching, and belonging.

PSYC 004 does not serve as an alternate prerequisite for further work in the department.
Social sciences.
1 credit.
Fall 2022. Thelamour.
Fall 2024. Thelamour.

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