BIOL 040. Astrobiology

In this lecture and discussion course, we will focus on the molecular and geological processes that contributed to the emergence of life on earth.  We will investigate what characteristics living organisms share and how those traits can be detected.  These concepts underlie current explorations for discovering life in our solar system as well as in other parts of our galaxy.  Occasional guest lecture about discoveries of earth-like planets elsewhere will enhance our understanding of current research.  
This course can be counted towards the Biology major.  
This course cannot be used to satisfy the Group I, II, or III requirements for the Biology major because it does not include a laboratory component.  

Prerequisite: BIOL 001, BIOL 002 and CHEM 010. 


1 credit.
Spring 2021. Vollmer.
Spring 2022. Vollmer.
Catalog chapter: Biology
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