CLST 022. Readings in Sanskrit

This is an intermediate level course for Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the transregional, transcultural language of erudition in Ancient and Premodern South Asia. Its historical importance cannot be overstated in terms of both linguistic and cultural impact. Its systematic linguistic codification gave birth to the field of linguistics today and its rich diversity of expression led to its use as the language par excellence for the development of a wide range of fields including philosophy, grammar, art, ritual, mythology, statecraft, warfare, amorous play, prosody, aesthetics, drama, and much more. This course will be an intensive reading course diving deeply into a variety of genres of Sanskrit to enable students to be able to read different styles of Sanskrit more comfortably. It will also include a spoken component to engage with the language more naturally and to enhance students' fluency and comfort with reading. This course plus either CLST 023 Introduction to Sanskrit or CLST 024 Sanskrit Grammar fulfills the College language requirement; the classes do not need to be taken in consecutive semesters.  
1 credit.
Eligible for ASIA, CPLT
Spring 2023. Khanna.
Spring 2024. Khanna.
Spring 2025. Khanna.
Catalog chapter: Classics  
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