PHYS 097. Senior Conference

This half-credit course is required of all physics, astronomy, and astrophysics course majors and serves as preparation for and completion of the College's comprehensive requirement ("comps") for senior course majors, with a goal of enabling students to integrate various aspects of their Swarthmore education into a single, cohesive project. Students will create, edit, and practice presenting a poster on a research topic of their choosing and then present it at an event at the end of the semester. The weekly course meetings will enable students to delve more deeply into research paper reading, data display, scientific communication, and other topics related both to the subject matter and professional practices in physics and astronomy. This course will be offered every fall, is intended for seniors who are majors, and must be taken at Swarthmore in order for students to meet the comps requirement.
0.5 credit
Fall 2021. Graves and Bester.
Fall 2022. Cohen.
Fall 2023. Staff.
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