ARTT 005A. Sculpture I: Form, Material, Process

In the contemporary moment, to make sculpture is to deal with all things: microscopic and monumental, subtle and blunt, real and imagined - it is an attempt at understanding three-dimensionality and dealing with questions of space. As a practice, sculptural approaches can be applied to all means of making, ranging from drawing to performance to video. In this course, students will develop both a technical fabrication skill set - woodworking, metalworking, mold making, and casting - as well as a conceptual framework and language surrounding sculpture through readings, group discussions, writings, film screenings, gallery visits, and group critiques. The methodology of the 'jig'/'kludge'/'jury rig' will be our guiding tactic through this course - as a sculptural practice, these approaches value process over product, they forefront curiosity and experimentation, and they render failure and success entirely subjective. The goal of this course is to leave not only with comprehensive technical and conceptual skills, but also with a sensitivity towards three-dimensionality and a cohort of peers with whom a critical language surrounding sculpture has been developed. 

1 credit.
Spring 2023. Joyner.
Fall 2023. Staff.
Spring 2024. Joyner.
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